Top 10 most useful apps for traveling

Smart Backpacker App has been created with a purpose: there was no other app in the market offering the same features. However, our intention is not to reinvent the wheel, therefore we use what it has already been created. In this post I will share what I personally use in my travels (currently traveling the Balkans) apart from the messenger / social media apps.

10. Trip Advisor

I only use it to find recommended restaurants using some of the filters such as Cuisine Type, Dietary Restrictions (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free) and Price range. But it offers much more features: Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Flights, etc.

09. Trabee Pocket

If you are one of those who like to keep track of the expenses then this is my recommendation. I’ve been using it for a while with successful results. Below there are a few screenshots of my expenses of last year.

08. Smart Backpacker

Not because I’m the creator but because there’s no alternative to the features this app offers, I think it deserves to be in the Top 10. You can easily find Visa Requirements and Currency Exchange information regardless of your nationality (just set your country in your profile). Find out also how much you can carry on the plane by looking at the Airline’s Baggage Policy.

07. Rome2Rio

Traveling by land is one the most common things Backpackers do mostly because it’s the cheapest way to move around. Rome2Rio is definitely one of the apps I consider most useful when looking for a Bus or Train timetable even though the public transport market is a bit spread around with other options such as GoEuro, GetByBus and

06. Maps.ME

Although Google Maps is one of the most consolidated apps for navigation and also supports offline maps, this app has been positioned as one of the best because it works offline by default and it has tracks that are not on the Google app such as pedestrian and trekking paths.

05. AirBnb

Specialized in the reservation of private rooms and apartments, it is a great option when traveling in a group or when you are at least 2 persons. In some places such as in the Balkans you will normally find an entire apartment with more than one bed that is cheaper than a hostel (taking into account the price per person), so keep an eye on it.


When looking for accommodation this app is one of the best since it doesn’t require a deposit to book and you get rewards that you can use for future bookings. Offering thousands of Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels among others, it is definitely great to have.

03. Hostel World

I normally stay at hostels and this app is the best option when searching for one since it is its specialty. But as I wrote in a previous post, I only use this accommodation booking apps just to find a place and then I try to make a direct contact with the property.

02. Sky Scanner

Flying is such a normal thing nowadays with all the low cost airlines around the world (specially in Europe and Asia) that having an app to search for flights is a necessity. This one is in my opinion the best when looking for the best deal. There are others like Hopper and Google Flights for example, but I still think this one is the best. Just try it out if you haven’t yet!

01. Google Translate

And at the top of my list is Google Translate. I honestly don’t know how it would be traveling without this app! It is so very useful and since I learned about its killer feature, the image recognition using the camera (that also works offline if you download the language), it became my top notch!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, depending where on Earth you’re traveling, there are apps specialized in that particular area such as Taxi Apps, Public Transport Apps (Balkan Viator for example to book bus tickets in the Balkans), etc. So wherever you’re traveling to, Google around and check out some blogs to avoid surprises and also to be better prepared.


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